BMW 4S Store& Maintenance Shop, 800tons

Samsung Mobile Phone Factory, 7400tons

3750T Hyundai Beijing Car Factory Project

2100 ton FRANCE ALSTOM Egypt Gas Turbine Power Plant

2800T Germany Fast Moving Drilling Platform

1360 tons SIEMENS Egypt Power Plant Contract

Beijing Wangjing SOHO Office Building, 521,265 SQM

Global Biggest Beijing New Airport Terminal Building

3600tons Kunming International Convention Centre

Dubai Football Stadium Project

3400T Beijing Winter Olympics Venues, Max Span Truss 56M

1 Million SQM Zhengzhou International Convention Centre

12600ton World's Largest Copper-gold Mine Oyu Tolgoi Project

USA GE4 Project

Saudi Arabia Cement Plant, 3900T

Beiqi Foton Automobile Steel Workshop, 480,000SQM

India Electric Steel Three-phase Firing Workshop, 9800 tons

Middle East Industrial Workshop, 38000SQM


We are one of the top 3 steel structure manufacturer in northern China, with annual output 250,000 tons. With 260,000 SQM production area of 7 workshops, and 4 sub-factory of 835,751 SQM factory total area, our annual capability reaches 250,000 tons.

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At present, our products are more than 90% of exports, the market will expand the network to Germany, the United States, Slovakia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, India, Indonesia, Oman, Bangladesh, Egypt, Vietnam, Nigeria, Philippines, Namibia, Morocco, Ango

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