SIEMENS 1025 tons Braden Egypt Contract

GE, Angola 9E Combustion Engine Waste Heat Boiler Structure, 400tons

FRANCE ALSTOM, 3672 tons Egypt GIZA Gas Turbine Power Plant

For Vale of Brazil, 3000tons Structure for Takraf Project in Germany

For French Energy Power, 1200tons Brazil PAMPA 1# Boiler Project

India Adani 5*660MW Supercritical Unit for APL Power Station 32000tons

American CCC Steel Frame Project

3644tons for 2*660MW Oil-fired Power Station, Saudi Arabia

Pakistan Kasim 2x660MW Coal Fired Plant Project, 28000tons

India Cuddalore 2*660MW Coal-fired Power Station, 10478tons

Nacala& Motize,8000tons

Morocco Jerada l x350MW Coal Fired Plant, 9400tons

Vietnam Formosa Ha Tinh No.1 & No.2 Blast Furnace Project, 7700tons

Slovakia MSS Bridge Fabrication Machine Project

Brazil PAMPA SUL 1*345MW Power Plant Set Project


From the first day of its establishment, we establish our market strategy that focus on overseas middle and high-end market. We concentrate on making the produce as per highest international quality standard. Based on this concept, we continuously improve our quality system, and got certificate as below:
1. Got AISC qualification and CWI welding inspection certificate as per American standard, have 163 AWS welder.
2. Got EN1090 qualification, TWI welding inspection certificate and IWE welding engineer as per European standard, have 54 European standard welder.
3. Got steel seal fabrication certificates "PP", "U", "S" certified by American ASME, means we have the qualification and ability to make pressure piping, boiler and pressure vessel.
4. Got ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 certificate from French BV.
In China, there are very few companies could own all such international

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At present, our products are more than 90% of exports, the market will expand the network to Germany, the United States, Slovakia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, India, Indonesia, Oman, Bangladesh, Egypt, Vietnam, Nigeria, Philippines, Namibia, Morocco, Ango

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